It looks like Spring is on the way!

In the last week I have taken at least 4 orders for lemon cakes, a sure sign that spring is on the way! So I beg your indulgence whilst I witter on about all things lemon!

When I make my lemon cakes, especially when they are for a wedding, there are certain things that I insist on. Firstly, I only ever use lemon oil, Boyajian is my personal favorite. I use oil rather than grated peel because that way, if I am making a tiered cake, I know exactly how much lemon to add to ensure the cakes all taste the same. Boyajian make a range of citrus oil and I have to say they are fabulous. The second thing that I insist on is free range eggs. The difference that free range eggs make to any cake is astounding but to lemon cakes, it is not just the taste they enhance but the colour too.

Once the cake is baked and whilst it is still warm and in the tin, I spike it with lemon syrup (100g icing sugar and the fresh juice of 2 lemons heated until all the sugar has dissolved). This not only keeps the cake moist but adds a real slap-in-the-face zing!

When is comes to the choice of filling I would always go for homemade lemon curd (I will post my recipe a.s.a.p.). If I havent time to make it then it has to be Mrs Darlington’s Legendary Lemon Curd.

Right, I have to shoot off now as the timer has just beeped on the oven! xx


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