Sugarcraft Daffodils

Since I am obviously in a bit of a yellow mood, what with the lemon cakes and lemon curd, I thought I would share with you my method for making wired sugarcraft daffodils. The students in my sugarcraft class really enjoyed making them and I hope you do too.

Equipment you will need:

Yellow, straw and green flowerpaste (this is a sugar paste specifically designed for flower making and can be bought from any sugarcraft supplier)

Edible glue

Daffodil or freesia cutter or plastic template

Cocktail stick

24g wires


Yellow pollen (this is simply semolina or polenta coloured with a little yellow dusting powder)


  1. Tape 6 stamen to a 24g wire. Dip in glue and dust with yellow pollen powder.
  2. Make a small cylinder with either yellow or orange flower paste. Insert a celstick or cocktail stick into top of the cylinder and work outwards to form a frill. 
  3. Pull the wire through the centre of the trumpet and secure with a little glue. 
  4. Roll out yellow paste, cut out the outer petals, soften the edges and add texture each petal with a veining tool or a cocktail stick. If you do not have a daffodil cutter, simply draw a propeller shape onto a thin piece of plastic, such as a margarine tub lid, cut it out and use as a template for the outer petals.
  5. Overlap the outer petals and thread onto the wire behind the trumpet.Roll a small cone of green paste and secure behind the petals. Carefully bend the wire. 
  6. Roll a small piece of cream paste very thinly. Emboss with a corn husk or mark with a cocktail stick. Tear into an oval shape and then secure to the stem.

As I told my lovely ladies, every daffodil is unique and individual and with so many different varieties, the daffodils they have made can never look “wrong”! 

This is a really simple method and it has never let me down yet. I hope you find it simple and straight forward too. If you have any problems or queries please feel free to get in touch.


Ali xx


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