Easter Bunnies!

 With Easter just around the corner, you have just enough time to have a go at making my Easter Bunny! It makes a lovely cake topper, as you can see.



Sugar paste fortified with CMC or gum tragacanth

Cocktail stick


Edible glue

Size Guide*

  1. Colour your sugarpaste as you wish.
  2. Take an A sized ball and shape into a long cone
  3. Insert a long piece of spaghetti through the ball.
  4. Take a B sized ball and slightly flatten it. Secure it to the body using the spaghetti spike and a little edible glue.
  5. Take a B sized ball and roll into a long sausage. Fold it in half and cut along the fold. Flatten the bulk of the paste to make the large thigh muscle. Fold the leg over the foot.
  6.  Secure both legs to the body with glue.
  7. Repeat this with a C sized ball for the arms. You may need to use spaghetti to anchor the arms to the body. 
  8. A flattened elongated E sized ball of white paste is used to make the snout. Add a small pink nose. 
  9. Add eyes, long ears and a fluffy white tail to complete your bunny.

 Let me know how you get on and give me a shout if you get stuck!

Have fun!

* The Size guide: You can buy plastic size guides but there really is no need. All you need to do is draw yourself a series of circles, labelled A-K, that decrease in size from A which has a 4cm diameter to K which has a 0.25cm diameter. If you are not sure what I mean just send me a message and I will email you my guide. (I haven’t worked out how to insert objects into WordPress yet otherwise I would have included a guide in this blog!)


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