Janet’s Marshmallow Crowns

This little recipe takes me back to my teenage years. Back to when the shoulder pads were big but the hair was even bigger! Bon Jovi were the new kids on the block and being a New Romantic was cutting edge! Yes, I wore oversized shirts and knee-high boots too!

It was during these decadent times that I meet the person who was to be my best friend all the way through secondary school, Jo  and subsequently, I met her mother, Janet. Janet was the kind of mother that you always wished your own mother was more like, loud, funny and supportive but heaven help you if you crossed her!

Janet was a teacher and encouraged us all to experience new things and to step out of our comfort zones. She introduced me to “posh” food (I’m a girl from a council estate that did well for myself), to vodka and to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, I can do the Time Warp and know every word to “Sweet transsexual from Transylvania“.

As often happens, Jo and I went to opposite ends of the country when we went to University and over time lost contact with each other. This little recipe remains a lasting legacy to that marvellous friendship and an equally marvellous woman, Janet.


Good Quality chocolate

Standard size marshmallows (NOT the huge ones you get in the States or the tiny ones you put in Rocky Road)

Petit Four Cases



  • Melt the chocolate. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by explaining how but I have never got the hang of using the microwave, I always seem to burn it, so still use a bain maire.
  • Put 1 tsp melted chocolate into each petit four case.
  • Pop in a marshmallow, flat side up
  • Top with a blob of chocolate and add a dragee.
  • Refrigerate until set.

I have made these so many times over the years. Everyone loves them. In fact, my son and his friends even request them when Ben is having a sleep-over. It is a silly little treat but a much cherished one. Everytime I make them I think of Janet and it makes me smile!

P.S. Jo, if by chance you read this blog do you remember the two of us hiding behind a clothes rack in Marks and Spencer’s because your mum was giving a shop assistant a dressing down for shoddy service? Thoses were the days, my friend! xx





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