Making a sugar teddy bear


Sugar paste

Cocktail stick


Edible glue

  1. Colour your sugarpaste as you wish. 
  2. Take an A sized ball and shape into either a slightly flattened ball (for a short fat “Forever Friends” type bear) or a long cone (for a “You and Me” type bear) 
  3. Insert a long piece of spaghetti through the ball. 
  4. Take a B sized ball and slightly flatten it. Secure it to the body using the spaghetti spike and a little edible glue. 
  5. Take a B sized ball and roll into a long sausage. Fold it in half and cut along the fold. 
  6. Shape the uncut end into a foot. Secure both legs to the body with glue. 
  7. Repeat this with a C sized ball for the arms. You may need to use spaghetti to anchor the arms to the body. 
  8.  A flattened F sized ball is used to make the snout 
  9. A dented F shape ball can be cut in half and used for ears. 

10.    Shape a small ball (I or J) of black sugarpaste into a triangle and glue to the snout.


Adding details really bring these bears to life. Try one or more of the following:

  • Foot pads and toes
  • Thumbs
  • Eyebrows
  • Clothes
  • Stitch lines

*The Size guide: You can buy plastic size guides but there really is no need. All you need to do is draw yourself a series of circles, labelled A-K, that decrease in size from A which has a 4cm diameter to K which has a 0.25cm diameter. If you are not sure what I mean just send me a message and I will email you my guide. (I haven’t worked out how to insert objects into WordPress yet otherwise I would have included a guide in this blog!)


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