Introducing The Cake Doctor



Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr Alison Bushell and my business is called The Cake Doctor.  The name came about because I was teaching Biology to High School student and to keep them motivated I would bring them in homemade cakes if they performed well in tests. Since I have a PhD in muscle physiology and  made cakes, the kids called me Dr B, The Cake Doctor. It seemed like a good name for my fledgling cake business. That was 7 years ago.

Since giving up teaching Biology, my cake business and sugarcraft classes have gone from strength to strength. December 1st 2014 I went into partnership with my friend, Leanne and we moved into our own premises. We are now the proud owners of The Cake Doctor’s Practice -sugarcraft school.

I am based in North Wales in the UK

Life is pretty full on most of the time!

I hope you enjoy my blog because I am enjoying writing it!

Ali xx

P.S. I made the cake above for my son to present to the cast of Game of Thrones at Wales Comic Con 2013. It went down a storm! If you are not sure what it is here is the real one below:

The Iron Throne
The Iron Throne (Photo credit: Leo Amato)

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